By: David Mckinnon



What an amazing afternoon at the Flying Squirrel in Hamilton to host our 2nd annual Client Appreciation Party on Sunday Oct 14th.

It was nice to have so many clients, friends and family stop by! I’m so proud of my family and my “team” for all of the preparation and planning...

Why a client appreciation event? ....well why not? It’s my opportunity to give back and give “thanks” to all my clients and friends for working with me and/or referring me to others who are also themselves, looking for someone they can trust with their own “Real Estate goals”.

Another reason to host a client appreciation “party” is that with everybody’s busy schedules, it is always difficult to be able to see my clients in a casual and fun environment (that’s right, no house hunting, offer presentations and extensive negotiations for once lol), and it allows their kids to let loose and have fun (I think the party is definitely more for the kids than the parents)... and I think the biggest satisfaction I (personally) get is to spend time with my clients/friends AND my family together. The long hours spent with other families to help them with their homes, and then to see their children playing with my children at an event like this “pulls” everything together for me...

See you all again next year!

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