By: David Mckinnon

Brantford: A Community On The Rise

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Ever since the high Toronto prices started to drive people out of the market, the smaller surrounding towns and communities started to rise in popularity with many GTA residents. Brantford quickly rose to become such a community, alongside Hamilton and others, given the many benefits this town has to offer. With an under the national-average-unemployment rate, Brantford counts to the healthiest communities found along the Golden Horseshoe. Let’s see what sets this community apart from others and what it has to offer to its residents and potential residents.

The Opportunities And Access
Brantford was one of the crucial industrial centers in the 20th century, and even today, manufacturing is one of the biggest drivers of Brantford’s economy. With some of the biggest manufacturing brands headquartered here, like Ferrero Spa, Brantford has really something to show for. It is also home to Green Mantra Technologies, one of the biggest clean tech companies, which only means that Brantford, despite being a small town, can offer you great career opportunities just like the big cities. It may be some 100 kilometers away from Toronto Downtown, but Brantford’s great transportation infrastructure makes up for the distance. Relying on Highway 403 and Go Transit, you can commute carefree and fast to and from Brantford very easily.  

The History Of The Town
Brantford is known for several historic sites, but the most famous is the Bell Homestead National Historic Site or the Melville House which was the first home of Alexander Graham Bell. That’s where he conducted the very first telephone call and changed the way the world works forever. Now, it is one of the oldest home museums in Canada attracting numerous tourists and visitors every year.

Brantford produced yet another talented individual: the hockey legend Wayne Gretzky who made his first steps on the ice rink in the backyard of his grandfather’s home, later known as Wally’s Coliseum. Just one walk through Brantford reveals how proud the community is to be called Gretzky’s home. Signs with his name on are all over the place, like the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre which is the #1 sports and recreational center of Brantford with a 4 pad arena, swimming pools, a sauna and hydro therapy pool, as well as a fitness center, a pro shop and a restaurant. The Center organizes different activities for kids from day camps and swim lessons to recreational skating. They even provide Kid Care so you can have a nice time while exercising, doing yoga, swimming, etc. not having to worry about your child.

 Brantford is also proud of its Canadian Military Heritage Museum which cherishes Canadian War veterans and simultaneously attracts visitors to the town, spurring tourism development.
Fun Activities
If we add the great nature to the rich history and solid economy found in Brantford we get an idyllic community that offers the best of both, city and country life. Canoeing down the Grand River, hiking and cycling in nature and enjoying the sites, camping or just walking it one of the many parks is what people do to recharge their batteries. For the more adventurous ones, there is always the Earl Haig Family Fun Park for kid and adult. Featuring waterslides, a swimming pool, a splash pad, picnic spots, mini golf, etc., it is perfect for hosting kids’ birthdays, company team building or any other event you want to remember for a long time.  
Real Estate
Prices have started to pick up in Brantford as well with a faster appreciation rate ever since people started to show more and more interest into the area. Recently, it was named one of the best places in Canada to buy real estate given that prices are still lower than in other nearby towns while the rental market is on the rise. This means that an investment property in Brantford could start generating revenues very fast with the demand being high. New construction homes in Brantford are especially appealing not only to investors but also to young homebuyers who prefer move-in ready homes that do not require any additional work. However, it is not only about affordability as many families with children also appreciate feeling safe and secure in Brantford given that the town retained its small town feel.  

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