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Living In Beautiful Stoney Creek In Hamilton

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Stoney Creek is a special GTA gem. Convenience, a great lifestyle, and above all natural sights, is why Stoney Creek residents can consider themselves blessed to be a part of this vivid community.  Just like the entire area around Hamilton, Stoney Creek gets also its share of the beautiful nature being right under the Niagara Escarpment. Waterfalls and numerous trails are the first things tha...Read More

By: David Mckinnon

Ancaster As One Of The Most Sought-After Areas In The GTA

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Located on the Niagara Escarpment, west of Hamilton, the community of Ancaster is flourishing in its full glow. Ancaster, just like its neighboring towns, has also benefited from the market shift which led buyers to look around for properties in the smaller GTA towns instead of aiming for overcrowded downtown centers. Since Ancaster comes with all the conveniences busy GTA residents need, many hom...Read More

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What an amazing afternoon at the Flying Squirrel in Hamilton to host our 2nd annual Client Appreciation Party on Sunday Oct 14th. It was nice to have so many clients, friends and family stop by! I’m so proud of my family and my “team” for all of the preparation and planning... Why a client appreciation event? ....well why not? It’s my opportunity to give back and give &...Read More

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Brantford: A Community On The Rise

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Ever since the high Toronto prices started to drive people out of the market, the smaller surrounding towns and communities started to rise in popularity with many GTA residents. Brantford quickly rose to become such a community, alongside Hamilton and others, given the many benefits this town has to offer. With an under the national-average-unemployment rate, Brantford counts to the healthiest co...Read More

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Why Live In Hamilton?

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Known for some of the most beautiful natural sites in Canada and high quality of life, Hamilton is certainly catching the eye of many people who are looking for an all-around GTHA community to live, work and enjoy life. Located in the heart of the Golden Horseshoe, Hamilton is only an hour away from Toronto which is highly convenient especially for Hamilton commuters who work in Toronto. Hamilton ...Read More